Seadoors Whale shark rescue in Tubbataha Reef Philippines

 Seadoors divers rescue a whale shark and named it spooky

On may 31, 2015 Seadoors divers have rescue a whale shark in Tubbataha Reef in Philippines during a fun dive, Seadoors is a diving live aboard company operating in Philippines The whale shark was trapped in a plastic net and ropes. The animal was seriously injured. We could observe by it's attitude it's weakness and scars on it's fins. Jonathan has used a knife to free the Whale shark. It seems that the whale shark was trapped for a long time. It was really growing inside the net. After few minutes the whale shark came back under Vessel to thank the divers. We have been snorkeling with it and after we've organized a dive. The beauty has spend one hour with all the divers kissing them one by one !!! AMAZING !!

Whale shark rescue by seadoors        See you soon Spooky, take care of you!!! Facebook