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The Visayas archipelago, world reputation for the diversity of its luxurious, very dynamic and polychromatic coral fields which feed an extremely dense animal and vegetable life, is a favored place for an interaction with sharks , they can be sedentary as the Thresher sharks of Malapascua, solitaries in North Leyte, migrating by December in the Surigao strait Leyte South, or docile as the whale sharks of Oslob on Cebu costal south, they are everywhere , they are diverses in the Visayas.

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Malapascua, a large cleaning station in the Visayas.

The diving interaction with thresher sharks in Malapascua is disconcerting, roles are reversed, it's like Philippines  sharks who are having fun, watching the divers around.
In Seadoors Liveaboard, we only explore preserved dive sites such as Monad Shoal, Kimud Shoal, Gato Island and Dona Marilyn Wreck. The night dives are Fantastic.


special-visayas-sharks diving liveaboard.

SPECIAL VISAYAS SHARKS liveaboard, 3 to 4 dives a day,
Classic route of 6 nights, can be extended on request according to the availability.
VISAYAS SPECIAL SHARK liveaboard takes place in the Visayas archipelago, we will explore the dive spots with the most sharks concentration known in VISAYAS .
The boat sails at night falling from Cebu, heading to the north to wake up on Malapascua, at Monad Shoal a cleaning station specialy for Threshers sharks. whe sail to dock at Maripipi and dive Bull shark reef. and explore Kimod shoal to search for hammer head.
Going to Balicasag we stop one more time at Monad Shoal, near Bohol we will interact with Whale sharks in Oslob and Corals sharks in Sumilon Island.

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