Malapascua diving liveaboard Seadoors Philippines


Malapascua Diving Liveaboard  Philipines

Malapascua is located between Cebu Island and Leyte Island. It is in the north of Cebu Island. The best dive sites are far from the coast and only reachable by boats or liveaboards to enjoy wondefull dives .

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Malapascua, a large cleaning station in the Visayas.

The diving interaction with thresher sharks in Malapascua is disconcerting, roles are reversed, it's like Philippines  sharks who are having fun, watching the divers around.
In Seadoors Liveaboard, we only explore preserved dive sites such as Monad Shoal, Kimud Shoal, Gato Island and Dona Marilyn Wreck. The night dives are Fantastic.

Thresher shark

From Malapascua to Napantao in Western Leyte.

The Camotes Islands in East Visayas have beautiful mooring, wonderfull dives, nice excursion on land with it's cave with natural fresh water swiming pool which are numerous in Philippines. During amazing wall dives, we will be looking for frog fish, pygmy seahorse and other alien shrimps.


After malapascua, Leyte.

Seadoors Liveaboard in Visayas will continue until Leyte to explore Padre Burgos dive sites with Limasawa and Pintuyan which is famous for whale sharks sightings.You can meet also coral reef shaks, sometime hammer sharks, and mandarin fish, for a really fun dive.

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